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How to Fish for Striped Bass in Saltwater – Introduction

How to Fish for Striped Bass in SaltwaterI receive a lot of emails and give a lot of talks to fishing groups and regularly get a few questions:
1) how do I fish for striped bass in saltwater.?
2) What exactly is light tackle fishing, or light tackle jigging (LTJ) as it is sometimes referred
3) What tackle do I need to fish for striped bass?

The best way I know how to explain exactly what light tackle fishing is and how to do it is to describe what rods, reels, line and lures I use as well as what situations work best for chasing striped bass in saltwater.

My goal is that after you have read this how to fish for striped bass in saltwater series of articles you will know:

a) What light tackle fishing is.
b) You have an idea of the type of rod, reel, line and lures you need to catch striped bass.
c) Give you tips of how to approach different types of fishing situations and where/when you can practice this technique to catch stripers.

Light Tackle Fishing Introduction
Light tackle fishing is using downsized tackle from trolling and bait fishing rods and reels to lighter more sensitive equipment. We use lighter rods, lighter reels, lines and lures to target a variety of fish species.

Light tackle saltwater fishing has its roots from freshwater anglers where they use spinning rods and bait casting rods in ultra light to medium heavy action to cast artificial lures for species such as largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, trout, perch, crappie, sunfish and other similar species.

Freshwater anglers started replacing trolling and bait techniques, once the norm in targeting saltwater fish, and started using their freshwater tackle in saltwater to catch striped bass, snook, trout, redfish, bonefish, permit, tarpon and other saltwater species. Fishermen quickly realized that using light tackle with many of the same artificial lures as used in freshwater produced exciting fishing. As soon as this new wave hit the saltwater scene, fishing tackle manufactures recognized the emerging market and started making specialty saltwater reels, rods, lines and lures that could withstand the rigor that the saltwater environment presents. With the boom of all the new tackle, and buzz among anglers of what a blast it was, saltwater light tackle fishing was born.

It’s good to keep in mind that while we will talk about light tackle fishing for striped bass, much of the equipment and techniques can also be used to catch other species such as redfish, trout, bonefish, snook, trout and other inshore fish.

Let’s great ready to do some light tackle fishing!

The Light Tackle Fishing for Striped Bass Series
Part 1 – Introduction to Light Tackle Fishing for Striped Bass
Part 2 – Light Tackle Fishing Rods
Part 3 – Light Tackle Spinning Reels
Part 4 – Light Tackle Baitcasting Reels
Part 5 – Fishing Line
Part 6 – Fishing Knots
Part 7 – Lures: Plastics and Jigs/Bucktails
Part 8- Lures: Topwater Poppers
Part 9 – Lures: Crank Baits
Part 10 – Lures: Spoons
Part 11 – Putting it all Together: Where to look for Striped Bass
Part 12 – Boats: Reviewing the Best Light Tackle Boats
Part 13 – Boats: Rigging your Boat for Light Tackle Fishing

article by Brandon White.
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